QikitTM Keyboard Instructions

Step One

Download and install Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator 1.4 file MSKLC.exe at https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/confirmation.aspx?id=22339 – install & run it.

Step Two

Download Qikit keyboard programming file Qikitkeyboard.klc by right clicking on this link, choose “save as” to a suitable location.

Step Three

Go to your computer start menu and open the Microsoft Keyboard Creator.

Go to ‘File’ and then ‘Load Source File’, select “Qikitkeyboard.klc” and open.

Go again to the Keyboard main menu and select ‘Project’ and from that select ‘Build DLL and Setup Package’.

Go to this folder and run (double click) setup executable file. “C:\Users\…….\Documents\qikit\setup.exe”

You may get a message from your anti-virus software questioning the changes, select “yes” to accept.

Then Restart Your Computer

To type the Qikit letters hold down on Alt then press shift, release shift & select the desired keyboard “Modern English Spelling” then release Alt.

This keyboard changes only the top row of keys. This affects the numerals and 6 of the shift symbols on that top row.

The following shows the layout of Qikit letters. Print your preferred size on ‘stickum’ (label) paper and cut out 11mm by 13mm to stick to keys or request samples from Qikit. The letters or numbers on the left side are traditional letters. The right side are Qikit letters. Some appear in both, so they appear singly at the top of the sticker.

Qikit ‘Modern English Spelling’ comingled with conventional keyboard.

~ ! @ # $ ž % ¤ ^ ᴪ & * ⱦ ŭ ā _ +
` § 1 ʀ 2 я 3 ᴚ 4 ᴥ 5 Ŧ 6 î 7 & 8 ø 9 ō 0 • – ē = ñ

We will provide Mac keyboard instructions soon