A quick look at the 44 sounds of spoken English

With Qikit the letters c, u, x, & y are used slightly different.

  • C is used for the ch sound.
  • U is now consistently pronounced yoo, as in view.
  • X replaces cs, ks, cks, & kes.
  • Y is used only in words like yes & yet.

abde fghij klmno pqrst vwz 22 letters keep their original soft sound.

Long vowels and other sounds need specific letters, so we add 18 new letters.

The following are the 18 new letters for our Qikit Keyboard.

ā ē î ñ ō ø,

¤ я ᴚ ʀ §,

Ŧ ⱦ ᴥ ŭ ᴪ ž.

ā is the long a sound as in make (māk).
ē is the ee sound as in easy (ēzē).
î is the long i sound as in find (fînd) or I.
ñ is the ng sound as in ring (riñ).
ō is the long o sound as in over, (ōvr).
ø is the oo sound as in soon, (søn).
is the vowel sound in bullet, (b•lᴥt).
¤ is the oi (oy) sound as in point (p¤nt).
ʀ is the ar sound as in car (kʀ).

я is the or sound as in or (я).
is the air sound as in care (kᴚ).
§ is the sh sound as in she (§ē).
Ŧ is the th sound as in the.
is the th sound as in thin (ⱦin).
is a neutral for ‘a’ in idea (îdēᴥ)
ŭ is the ou (ow) sound in about (ᴥbŭt).
is the hw sound as in what (ᴪᴥt).
ž is the zh sound as in measure (mežr).

Qikit words are sounded-out without meddling

learn lrn
said sed
word wrd
water wotr
daughter dotr
walk wok
answer ansr
circle srkl
guess ges
heard hrd
brought brot
friend frend
certain srtn
edge ej
phlegm flem
colonel krnl
turtle trtl
have hav

You will be able to spell every word this easily when you learn the 44 letters.


The Latin letter ain () is our unstressed, or neutral vowel.
This is the same as the dictionary calls a schwa (ə).
We use the Ain () because it is more visible than schwa (ə).
() replaces all unstressed vowels and the short vowel (u).
This simplifies spelling, and helps pronunciation of many Qikit words such as,
psychology and psychological.

In sîkolᴥjy, the first (o) is stressed and the second (o) is unstressed.
In sîkᴥlojᴥkl, the first (o) is unstressed and the second is stressed.

Compare these words. Pronunciation is easier with Qikit.

dramatic drᴥmatik
telephone telᴥfōn
general jenrᴥl
indicate indᴥkāt
couple kᴥpl
person prsᴥn
committee kᴥmitē
senate senᴥt

All are easier to pronounce when the unstressed vowels are indicated. They are also easier to spell because Qikit unstressed vowels are always spelled the same and unvoiced vowels are eliminated. The last 3 letters in indicate & senate are the same but they are pronounced differently, and Qikit shows the difference.

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