Introduction to

the Qikit Spelling System

English spelling is very confusing, but it doesn’t need to be. Qikit will change it.
We have a simple and practical plan for implementation, and it will take time.

English spelling is inconsistent. Students speak the language and want easier spelling.

Our Spelling Needs Modernization

The Qikit system is based on a simple concept, ‘one letter for each sound’.

The following words show how our spelling should be:

learn lrn
said sed
water wotr
heard hrd
daughter dotr
brought brot
word wrd
walk wok
answer ansr
certain srtn
edge ej
guess ges

When we learn the letters for all 44 sounds, we will be able to spell every word this easily.

We start by teaching our school children.
These students, in a few years, will become a solid base for Universities and industry to grow from.